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Most Black & Decker Batteries can be Resurrected - Learn How!

Versapak Battery

Black and Decker Firestorm 12 14.4 15.6 16.8 18 24 volt

Black and Decker Firestorm 12v 14.4v 15.6v 16.8v 18v 24v

Versapak cordless drill

Firestorm cordless power tool battery

Firestorm 18 volt battery

Black and Decker versapak



versapak replacement battery

Versapak power tool battery

Firestorm power tool

Black and Decker

Firestorm versapak new battery

Firestorm Versapak nicad battery

Black and Decker firestorm versapak battery


Most Black & Decker Batteries can be Resurrected - Learn How!


Black and Decker Firestorm and Versapak are registered trademarks of the Black and Decker Corp.

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